Couple Evaluation


A Couple Evaluation Report with an exploration of 30 relationship areas.

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Get in the next 24 hours your Couple Evaluation Report which includes 24 pages with an exploration of around 30 areas of your relationship.


What You Get.

We work with couples through a customized, strengths-oriented assessment and complementary skill-building exercises. Quickly gain a comprehensive view of the couple’s relationship to help you to know where to start and to enable you to focus your time on what the couple needs.


What You Give.

Deepen the bond a couple has with a personalized snap shot of their relationship. Use the objective results to illuminate a more clear understanding of themselves and their relationship while developing confidence and relationship skills.


What you win.

Assess satisfaction levels in 12 relationship categories. Gain personalized insights into relationship dynamics, commitment levels, personality, spiritual beliefs, and family systems.
Designed for marriage education and enrichment. Assess satisfaction levels in 6 relationship categories and gain personalized insights into personality, spiritual beliefs, and family systems.
Uniquely assess parenting styles and parenting stress. Also provides condensed insight into a couple’s relationship, including communication and conflict resolution.
Prepare couples to adopt or foster. Assess expectations and satisfaction in 12 relationship categories and gain insights into relationship dynamics, stress, personality, and family systems.


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