An overview.

We are an organization that offers a lifestyle and helps to develop the families and individuals life purposes, through processes based on principles and values called the “Master Plan”, aimed at restoring, strengthening and empowering the couple and their children. In addition, we provide an assertive training which we carry out through couples events, honey nights, family nights, seminars, workshops, conferences, individual coach, couples retreat and mainly, through our “School For Couples and Family”.

No matter what your situation or status is, married, living with your couple, in a divorce process or maybe you are giving a chance, maybe you are sharing custody and do not know how to handle this relationship, or maybe you are a single mother and you want to learn how to deal with these great challenges. Let us tell you that it is still on time and never is too late. Our organization has helped reconcile hundreds of couples, reaching the children themselves who have received the benefits of our programs. When you come to us with a true desire for change, we teach you with great care, passion and professionalism the precise and assertive way to create, restore, preserve and strengthen positive ties in the relationship of couples and children.

Our History

Familias Para Siempre is an organization aimed at the couple and the family. It was founded in 2002, directed by Faiver and Olga Rodríguez who specialize in issues of the couple and family. Faiver and Olga are a 23 years married couple and have four teenage children.

  • 2001

    Birth and Foundation
    of Familias
    Para Siempre.

  • 2003

    Our First

  • 2006

    The start of
    School For

  • 2007

    Para Siempre
    In Chicago.

  • 2008

    Para Siempre
    In California.

  • 2009

    Para Siempre
    In Tennessi.

  • 2011

    Para Siempre
    in Miami.

  • 2012

    Para Siempre
    In Spain.

  • 2013

    Para Siempre
    In Ecuador.

  • 2014

    Para Siempre
    In Mexico.

  • 2015

    Para Siempre
    In Paraguay.

Why choose us?

Our courses and programs are the results of more than 20 years of experience, restoring hundreds of families. These courses are aimed at providing a complete, specialized training that includes intensive evaluation and education processes to help the couple strengthen and restore the whole dynamic of the family.

What do we have?

We have an office where we personally advise to couples, as well as a conference room to offer the programs of the School of Couples. We have six volunteers responsible for coordinating the logistics of the events and fabulous facilitators dedicated to helping couples through our courses.